Racers360 is an online coaching platform helping Karters, Car Racers and Motorcycle Racers.

Team FWR Partners with Racers360 for 2020!

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We are very proud to announce Team FWR and Ollie Rocket Racing's 2020 Partnership with Racers360.   We're proud to be working with Dion Von Moltke and his team of pro coaches, helping them spread the word about their expansion into the world of Karting Coaching!  They're on a mission to bring professional coaching to all of us racers!

Click here for 10% off your first Karting coaching session at Racers360.com!

Dion is a pro racer and Daytona 24 and Sebring 12-hour winner who is helping Racers, Motorcyclists and Karters like us gain access to pro level coaching.  Dion is the CEO of Racers360.com.  He and his team of pro coaches can help all of us get better at any track, in any Car, Kart or Motorcycle.  

It's super easy!  Sign up, submit a video and get back a picture in picture video with your coach helping you work on your individual requests.  You can ask for help on specific corners, racecraft, braking, data analysis, full-race analysis, you name it - it's totally up to you!

We're so excited to work with Dion this year!  All season long, we'll be posting snips like this one above from our Karting and Car coaching sessions so you can get an idea of how this works.  Please head over to Racers360.com to check out the free and easy sign up and learn more about how you can get involved with this fantastic service.  

Oh one more thing - check this out:  

Racers360 has tons of free online drivers resources - Headed to a new to a track?  Want to know the top three mistakes at your local track?  Need a primer from one of the pro coaches, they have it here!

Team FWR Partners with Drengler Racing for the 2020 Season

FWR and Drengler Racing in 2020


Jasper Drengler and Fritz Wilke announce a new partnership for 2020 to compete in the SCCA Majors and Hoosier Super Tour events in the Northeast Conference.  In addition to the Northeast events, we will be competing at the June Sprints and the SCCA National RunOffs at Road America this fall.

Our 2020 Season Partners

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Racers360 is an online coaching platform helping Karters, Car Racers and Motorcycle Racers.
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