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Hoosier Racing Tire PErformance Scca nasa gridlife
Racers360 is an online coaching platform for Karters, car and motorcycle racers.
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Leroy Engineering Track Day trailers autocross gridlife
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2020 Team FWR Partners and Members

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Mobil 1 Oil Logo.

Mobil 1

Top-notch performance on the track means pushing engine limits. Racing engines need to endure high rpm and higher operating temperatures – so they require top-quality motor oils built for racing.

That’s why Mobil 1™ motor oils are specially formulated to withstand grueling conditions and protect critical engine parts –while helping to maximize efficiency and performance.

Few companies have been involved in motorsports as long as ExxonMobil. The Mobil 1 brand’s history in motorsports officially began in 1978. Since that time, the worldwide presence of Mobil 1 technology on racetracks and circuits – and among auto enthusiasts and partners – has grown by global proportions.


Frozen Rotors Logo

Frozen Rotors

The name says it all: we freeze brake rotors...rock solid. We use a deep-cryogenic process that permanently changes the atomic structure of a rotor at 300 degrees below zero. We’ve got answers to any technical question you might have. But the real truth is our rotors will stop any vehicle cold! In the past six years, we’ve developed an avid following of "Raving Fans" that will tell you (in their own words no less) that their brakes don’t fade, don’t warp and last two to four times longer. And any racer will tell you races are more likely to be won with the brake pedal rather than the accelerator.

Cryogenic processing also works on many other things from engine parts, drills and machine tools, to rifle barrels and golf clubs. For our customers, and partners in racing cold is a good thing...a very good thing.  


MMB Imagery Logo

MMB Imagery

Welcome to MMB Imagery

Located in downtown Chelsea Michigan, MMB Imagery photographs children, partners, families and high school seniors in stunning locations throughout the Chelsea, Dexter and Ann Arbor areas.

Life is vibrant, complicated, inspirational and a journey worth documenting.  Through photography, we hope you are able to live inspired and collect life's beautiful moments along the way.


Capaldi Racing and Capaldi Development logo.

Capaldi Racing

Welcome to Capaldi Racing, your online stop for fast Fords. We pride ourselves in being an Authorized Warehouse Distributor for Ford Racing Performance Parts as well as other top aftermarket brands. We provide competitive pricing, and our technical knowledge which has become second to none from 30+ years of racing Ford and Ford-based vehicles. 

Whether you are looking for parts to build your own race car, building a turn-key race vehicle, want us to build you a vehicle, or just looking for modifications to your street car, we can provide the products and support you need! 


Sloseup of Leroy Engineering Track Day Trailer in lime green.  Loaded up and ready to go to the track.

Leroy Engineering

Leroy Engineering is a tire trailer manufacturer located in Northeast Ohio. 

Many SCCA racing, autocross and track day drivers are faced with the challenge of transporting their race tires from home to the track. Often people are compelled to bring an extra vehicle to haul their tires, or to build a trailer themselves. 

Faced with this predicament, we decided to design a trailer that not only is functional but aesthetically pleasing, a trailer that these drivers can use to carry their wheels and equipment to the track. The result is the Leroy Engineering Tire Trailer, the perfect autocross or track day trailer.  To Learn more about Leroy Engineering see:  www.leroyengineering.com

To learn more about Leroy Engineering trailer development, visit the Product Testing page.